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A table of unidentified men and women in conversation.
Two unidentified men walking through a village in the Kon Tum Provence, Vietnam.
Two unidentified men crossing a narrow bamboo bridge in the Kon Tum Provience, Vietnam.  Another man in the background is just starting to cross the bridge.
Two unidentified men and two unidentified women having a conversation.
President Lyndon B. Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Watching are a large group of legislators and bystanders.
Congressman Arch A. Moore, Jr. and the home guard at the Cau Ca resettlement in Vietnam
The West Virginia delegation. Seated right to left: Maude Elizabeth Kee, Governor Cecil H. Underwood and Jennings Randolph. Standing right to left: Robert C. Byrd, Cleveland Bailey, Arch A. Moore, Jr., Ken Hechler, unknown, and John M. Slack, Jr.
A group of officials from the United States and Venezuela taking notes during a meeting.
Three unidentified people are clearing the land for the refugee camp at Song Be, Vietnam.
Four unidentified women and one man having a conversation.
An unidentified man is giving a speech in Cau Xa village in Tay Ninh, Vietnam. Congressman Arch A. Moore, Jr. is standing to the side of the man giving the speech. They are surrounded by a group of people.
An unidentified man in uniform is reaching out to shake the hand of an unidentified Vietnamese woman in the Cau Xa Villiage.
A large unidentified group, mostly women, on the steps of the Capitol. A staffer of Congressman Arch A. Moore, Jr. is in the photograph (bottom of the stairs).
Six unidentified men are standing in front of a building in Vietnam. One man, wearing a white dress shirt, has his back to the camera.
Table 51 at the Republican Congressional Dinner in Washington, D.C.
Congressman Arch A. Moore, Jr. with an unidentified family of four on the steps of the Capitol.
An unidentified group of men sitting and talking in Vietnam. Some men are standing in the background listening to the conversation.
An unidentified group of women, most likely Congressman Moore's staff members, holding gifts at Suzi's shower.
A unidentified group is filming Congressman Moore and three other unidentified men. A man is holding up a film clapperboard in front of the camera.
A drawing of Congressman Arch A. Moore, Jr.
U.S. Operations Mission (USOM) Director Charles Mann welcoming Congressman Arch A. Moore, Jr. and two unidentified men to Vietnam. The Director is shaking hands with an unidentified man.
An unidentified man is shaking the hand of Ed Navarro, Provincial Representative for Tay Ninh, Vietnam.
President Lyndon Johnson addressing Congress.
President Lyndon B. Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A group of Congressmen are standing around him as he signs the document.