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A photograph of two unidentified women sitting in seats 124 and 125 at Governor Cecil H. Underwood's inauguration.
President Lyndon B. Johnson signing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Watching are a large group of legislators and bystanders.
The audience, separated by counties, during the GOP (Republican) rally of 1964. The photograph was taken from behind the people sitting on the stage. An unidentified man is speaking to the audience.  In the background, a banner reads "Welcome Home Governor Underwood."
The audience at a re-elect Congressman Arch A. Moore, Jr. gathering.
The audience and stage at a Goldwater and Miller presidential campaign rally. A band is playing on the left side of the stage and Congressman Moore and others are seated on the right side of the stage.
A photograph of four unidentified women sitting during Governor Cecil H. Underwood's inauguration. In the background four unidentified men are standing.